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Date: 2001-11-20
Chers compatriotes béninois ,

nous sommes entrain d'établir une

chaîne de solidarité des savalois à travers le monde et nous voulons avoir les adresses email de tous ceux qui se sentent savalois de près ou de loin. Nous les invitons à se joindre à nous dans le cadre de la mise en oeuvre d'un projet de finition de l'église de Savalou. Veuillez bien prendre contact avec le comité à cette adresse email:

Le comité vous fera parvenir le programme qui a été mis en place pour cette finition.

Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension, de votre aide et attendons de relever avec vous ce défi .

Pour le comité,

La Présidente

A258PA ( pas d'email / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-20
someboby from hell'

wasup y'all yeah it's me ur bro' from wher u know ...i'm not in jail ,i'm not dead' i'm fine and the show must go'on with y'all my hoes and my dwag's.............

i'll love chillin' with y'all

so don't be scared just scream my name

and i'll be online ............

KAMAL .........

Kamel (anjkam) ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-20

FROM Carbondale, IL

Paul ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-20
Hey Souhiiiiiiiillllll! Whaou, i hadn't heard about you in months. I'd assumed you were d.... Look, If you know anything about Khalil, better tell him to show off his ass cuz need to talk to him. What about you? Do you think that computers are toys? Don't let me say things i will not want my family to hear boy! Still playing with French? Oh boy boy boy, you're really a g.... but i like you anyways. Send me an email!

Jean-Paul ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-20
Hey Michele, glad to hear about you. :-D Long time huh? Well, i will be around from now on. By the way, the AHOHE"S" : I ain't going to Cotonou in December: Too much work to do and exams to prepare. Gotta work my butt off! So...


Jean-Paul HOUNKANRIN ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-20
Hi guys, well, Romeo, i am also sorry i didn's send a mail for quite a while nozw. Just that i am working on a great project. Something like a whole Intranet for Ghana with other people. But i wanted to take a break to cuz they're ripping my butt off (just kiddin'). Hey, i would like to try the Xbox too. Seems exciting. But i think it might take a while before we get it around here since. Well, Luv y'all and have a cauchemardesque day. (jusk kiddin') hahahahah.

Oh, by the way, est-ce que Freddy Krugger est dans la Zone? J'aimerais bien chatter avec lui.

Et puis, on dirait que persone n'est jamais dans la chat zone. Why? Don't you like chatting dear BeniNOIRS? :-(

sylvie ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-20
hello everybody !! WASSUP !!!!!

it seems like you really enjoy this site.

well, our country is progressing.

hopefully everything is ok with all of you.

michele , you were looking for me around here. so i'm there now.

by the way , i send hi to everyone from COTONOU ...

see ya !

Date: 2001-11-20
Salut à tous,

JP, where're you at? I loved the joke you sent me. Really great. Sorry, I've been out of touch for the past 2 months. I'll be getting a break this week, starting wednesday. My one friend and I will be spending the whole day playing video games. I'm thinking about getting the Xbox, depending on how my pocket looks like in December. Hope to catch you online sometime during the week.

Michele, I really think "the Ahohes" doesn't sound too good (just joking). Let me know if you're feeling better now.

Je me demande bien quand est-ce que le chat system serait en marche.

Salut at à tous,


Michele Gaigbe ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19
How yall people doing today! Just wanna send kiss to, Kamel,the Ahohes in Pitts,Nina, Donald and finally JP Hounkanrin, man!! where have you been? and Sena, i'm still waiting to see you around here girl.

See ya

firmine (fifi) ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19
Hi guys, wassup today. It seems that the guy named Hounkanrin JP has finally come out to say something right!! Well man, i'm so happy to see you around here cauz you like to hide somewhere nobody can see you. But now that you're here, i'll be on your neck and back!! count on me!!

Hello in the world! Luv y'all

from Pittsburgh

souhil ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19
je recherche les coordonnées d'1 pote qui se nomme zinsou camille.

toute pers le connaissant voudrait-il le prevenir de ct annonce.

la patrie ou la mondialisation

nous 20crons!

mickely ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19
where ma bodaz at?

2 u all beninese G,

in all around da world

be serious coz da future

of state depends 2 our study

no mo'time....

get u'r freack on!

souhil ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19
ma letter goes 2 jp hounkanrin,

ya man i know da bullshit nigga who names khalil,with u we've all done djidonou together but now we were in lyon(france)!

hope u still be in accra? how is about your toys-computers.....

i know u,aren't i?

my name is sou de genie en rb

do u remenber me(2pac)?we r here(ja rule)

shalé,it's me michel...

Jean-Paul HOUNKANRIN ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19
Hi guyz, well, i really like the web site. It's really great and easy to download on the PCs. For all the Aliens who came on Earth with me 3000 years ago, I am saying HIIIII ! By the way, i am looking for one of them: His name is Soumanou Khalil, has anyone ever heard of him since 1000 years now?

g2g, see ya all!

Narcisse Dovenon ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19
ich bedanke mich bei allen,die alles versuchen damit diese Webseite ein Efolg sein kann.Ein schöe Grüß auch für alle Benniner und Benninerinnen,die in Deutschland studieren.Viel Erfolg und bis bald.Endlich für alle die mich kennen mut mut und noch mal mut schüüüüssssssssss

Date: 2001-11-19
Salut à tous,

Toutes mes félicitations pour le site.

Roméo Ahohe,

from Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Alabi ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19

Ben how are ya!En fait c'est juste un gros coucou pour tous les beninois histoire de vous dire que quelque soit ou vous etes don't forget your country, keep being friends whatever and forever.If someone recognize me,chek me out,i'm proud te be a beninois.

Michele Gaigbe ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-19

C'est vraiment génial ce site , j'envoie un gros bisous et mes félicitations à tous ceux qui ont participé à sa réalisation!Mais,vous faites quoi du chat room!!! Come on yall!!! don't you people wanna chat?

Anyways, si quelqu'un me connait, que cette personne n'hésite pas à me contacter!!!

See ya!!!

From New York

Firmine A (fifi) ( / pas de site web )
Date: 2001-11-18
WZUP y'all today!!! well, i'm still having fun with this site. To everybody who knows me, HOLLA!! Kamel Aj rock on!! luv ya man!! Those who recongnize me feel free to send me an email, i'll get back to them as soon as i can.

Right on!!!

Date: 2001-11-18
i hope ya havin fun!!!!!!!!!!hello in the world!!!!!!

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